Who are we? Where did we come from and where are we going?

These questions have puzzled humankind since we first walked this earth. Many have speculated and many have formed theories and ideas while others have written long narratives with definitive answers that are said to be the spoken word of ‘God’.

Where do humans get the idea that a divine being is the creator of all? What motivates people to seek out answers and others to simply accept what is provided as answers? And where did all these manuscripts full of the said spoken ‘word of God’ really come from? To be human is to question, to seek and to explore. It is also to find peace in one’s existence, to love and be loved. We are all on this journey whether we walk the same path or not.

Science is an ever-evolving method by which those with rational minds have utilized to test and prove various theories and ideas about the universe we live in. It is a never-ending investigation into existence as we know it and it is through science, history and rational reasoning that we will find many of life’s answers.

Welcome to Osheeta!


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