Circle of Life – Vibrations & Prayer

I think outside of the box and look at the world as a whole before I consider the possibility of just one explanation of life. I see that what we believe often tends to stem from what we were raised to believe but that doesn’t necessarily make it right so I strive to find what “is” right. It is a journey I may never complete but one I walk every day.

While my views lean more toward science, I do believe prayer has power and not just for any one religion, but for all religions and every person. All things are made of matter and energy and matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, simply manifested into something new. It makes logical sense to me that we are capable of harnessing the energy around us through our thoughts and prayers to influence the world around us. We are vibrational beings. Everything we do emits vibrations, therefore, I believe our brainwaves also have the capacity to emit vibrations.

We often hear people say they have a sixth sense about things. I believe this to be true. Some are more in tune to it than others and some are better able to get in touch with the vibrations around us than others. I believe this is where faith comes in handy. It opens a channel for people to manipulate the vibrations and energy around them, giving them the ability and the confidence to influence those vibrations of energy, often through prayers or simply through mental willpower. Without a religious influence or the faith that something is possible through mental effort, most people won’t reach out there and try… therefore, they’re less likely to see results.

In the end, I don’t feel confident we will continue on as the person we know ourselves today. I believe everything recycles and breathes life into the next living creature. Our flesh and matter become food for new life and our energy moves on to provide vibrational energy to the next lifeform(s). Memories are physical, retained in the brain. I don’t know how they could stay attached to the energy that sustains our lifeforms but I can only hope and yes even pray that who I am today will carry on in whatever I become tomorrow.

On the other hand, I can’t help but to believe that somehow, some form of memory does attach itself to energy particles…. there are so many unexplained phenomena that there simply must be a way. Take for instance a vibe someone gets from simply looking at a photograph or a feeling they get when they walk into a house where someone once lived. A person may know nothing about the history of an object a photo or a place but somehow sense the history of it and often even feel what others before them felt. Somewhere, somehow, there must be an explanation. I know this because this has happened to me many times before. Generally, we refer to these feelings as someone’s “intuition”. Some people have very strong intuitions where some are relatively weak. I would gauge mine as being somewhere in the middle probably, certainly nothing remarkable, but enough to know there must be more to it than mere coincidences.

People need explanations to help them feel comfortable with their existence and to help them accept the inevitable day they will pass on. Religions have formed all over the world in various forms providing answers and explanations to a variety of questions and insecurities we as humans are prone to have. It’s true that through the evolution of mankind, there is a prevalent history of Gods and Deities to which we are meant to worship and obey. One can’t help but to wonder WHY this seems to be an ongoing mentality, even in today’s times when no such entity manifests itself in physical form so people call it FAITH and continue to believe anyway. We as a society rely heavily on the words written by men long, long ago and while some may question these words, many continue to live by their every word, taking for granted that it be the one and absolute truth. So many people seem blind to the fact that these books written about various faiths WERE written by humans and so very long ago that we have no real way of proving the validity of most of what is even declared as fact. What is a proven fact is that historical figures have used religion and government to sway the people, control the masses and to attain personal gain.

Religion has been used all too frequently to wage wars, decimate entire cities and countries and worst of all, it has been used to actually JUSTIFY these deaths! It’s very difficult for me to understand how a person of today can read such things and feel good about it and this is amongst many religions worldwide.

We have a multitude of religions all over the world, many stemming from the same roots, some even older than the mainstream religions followed today. They all have a commonality in that there is a strong fundamental belief that there is a God or Goddess or even multiple Gods and Goddesses. People seem to feel the need to believe there is some ultimate deity looking out for us. Why? Of course I see the complexities and beauty in this world, this universe, the intricacies of life and of course I wonder how it all got there but dare I claim to know how or why? Dare I tell others they are right or wrong for choosing to believe something that fills their need for explanations? I can’t. I also cannot follow blindly and put faith in any one religion based on words written long ago. Do they influence how I see the world today? Of course they do! I use any bits of information I collect from various religion to help guide me but I do not become defined by it.

But back to the topic at hand, what I know is that we exist, we evolve, we live and we die. We are born with the natural instinct to love and to feel loved and die with the instinctual desire to believe it’s not the end. As children, we are sponges that absorb everything around us but as children, we are also more likely to in believe fairy-tales. As we grow, our senses develop as do our minds. We begin to think and rationalize and as we understand more about the world we live in, our intuition matures. It’s through our intuition that each person truly lives their life. And as I covered before, intuition is guided by our senses. We rationalize our world by what our senses tell us and by what we learn from others and from personal experiences. Combined, it’s what fuels our beliefs and faiths and what makes us who we are but what will we leave behind when we die? Will there be residual vibrations attached to a photograph or to a particular home we’ve lived that carry memories and feelings for others to sense after we’ve long gone? Will we carry what many to believe our “souls” with us into a new world? What will that world be like? Is it possible we are still a part of that world through vibrational energy but living a small portion of our lives in physical form? So many questions and so many possibilities.

One thing I do feel confident about…. if there IS a God-like entity as so many religions claim there is, surely that god who would create so many beautiful things would embrace its creation’s natural instinct to think and rationalize the world around it as a parent feels pride when his/her child explores and learns about the world it lives in. Surely any truly loving God who would give us the ability to do so many wonderful things on our own would feel pride in our accomplishments as a parent feels pride in their children’s accomplishments. I can’t imagine any creator that would create so many beautiful lifeforms only to give them the opportunity to grow and learn on their own would be so restrictive or vengeful to those who would question who they are, what they are and why they are here as many religions lead you to believe. If there is a God, it would be my belief that these fear tactics would have been initiated by mankind, not by God, as a means to use the “glory” of God and God’s word to control the masses. One must also ask him/herself why such a loving God would give us the ability to think for ourselves and question our reality yet be so vain as to expect his/her creations to put him/her first before all else, even the lives of our very own children. We must ask ourselves…. would we do the same to our own children? When we give our children the space and opportunity to learn, we are giving them the reins to find their own paths. We send our children off to school to learn, to the playground to socialize, we encourage them to use their minds to imagine…. and where does imagination take us???? Everywhere!!! And if there is a god-like creator, somewhere along the line, we began as a part of his/her imagination as all creations do begin with imagination.

I could go on and on but in the end, I think I end up in circles…. why? Because it’s the only way I can rationalize what I know and I am happy to find myself thinking in circles because it indicates to me I must be on the right path for any other path could lead you astray…. but a circle will always lead you back home. A circle is symbolic of so many things we take for granted or embrace… circle of love, circle of friends, circle of family, circle in recycling, circle of LIFE! Even the planet we live on is a round circular shape following a circular path. All things we tend to hold dearest falls within a circle somewhere, even if the path is long and difficult, somewhere along the way, we find ourselves within our circles. 🙂


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