Law of Attraction

I’ve been doing a little reading on the Law of Attraction and while I find the underlying theory intriguing, I’m not quite sure I find the entire interpretation to be all that convincing. From what I gather, the belief revolves around energy and the ability for one individual to possess control over it in order to achieve particular goals and desires in life. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful if it were that simple but it isn’t. I truly do believe that we all have a certain degree of pull on the energy we share with others in the universe. According to the Law of Attraction, if you believe strong enough and without doubt, you can make all your goals come true… and that it works every time. But there are other people who are also out there striving to meet their own goals and they won’t necessarily allow you to meet your own, especially if it conflicts with theirs, so no amount of positive thinking will feed enough energy to make things work in your favor every time.

To some extent, I really do buy into this Law of Attraction theory… but in a much different way. Energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed… simply reinstates itself as something else or in some other form. It makes sense to me that there is energy everywhere around us. This much is obviously true but no thing can happen from energy alone (i.e.: positive thinking; sending out vibes). Action must also be present. Something must create an action in order to facilitate an avenue for energy to travel and one must possess energy in order to create the action. One thing cannot work without the other. Some people might say thinking and meditating is an action. I think that it definitely helps. Perhaps on a subconsious level, things are affected through this sort of channeling of energy, but again, no thing can occur without an action therefore, I would say this type of channeling has no more effect other than influence… perhaps in its domination of energy dispelled elsewhere even.

That being said, I feel that while we all have a pull on this force of energy that surrounds us, we may not all have the same amount of pull or know how to correctly utilize the energy that is there. In order for us to be able to use energy to help achieve our goals, we must also take into consideration other factors (people) that may be using that energy as well. We may encounter dueling forces, neutral forces or compatible forces… which may also account for the bad and good vibrations we get from people, things, places, etc…. We are a universe based on action and reaction. If we vibrate positive energy to another person (action seemingly present), it is up to them to respond with a vibration of their own and chances are, they will be responding in accordance to the vibration you sent out with a mixture of whatever vibrations were going on within them before you came along. You have the ability to affect another person’s vibrations, therefore possibly swaying outcomes in your favor…. if you send out a vibration that is overwhelming enough to generate a desired response.

I do tend to agree with the Law of Attraction in that we are vibrational beings. The soul or spirit behind the mortal body seems likely nothing more than a vibration of energy. So what happens to these vibrations when our bodies no longer function for us and we die? Without our bodies, what tool do we have to create an action capable of dispersing energy? Does the very essence of our soul then become a part of the force itself…. perhaps with no memory of the past life, no brain cells to process cognitive thought and awareness, and no ability to choose or desire? Will we feel harmony beyond death or will we cease to exist the way we grew so accustomed to existing in human form? I’ve read and been recommended by friends to watch “The Secret” and I fully intend to when I can get the time. Somehow, I doubt it will answer all of my questions or that I will buy into its theory completely.

For me, life isn’t about having everything I want… it’s about being happy, having friends, love and family. It has  been my repetitive experience that nearly anything I’ve truly wanted out of life, I have found ways to get it. I know I emit a lot of energy through my thoughts…. (which is why I feel prayer actually has power) and through positive action and determination, I have made so many of my dreams come true. Hence, it stands to reason that all things start with a thought…. become energy channeled through action to the end goal.

Written May 29, 2007


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