Questions About Faith

I’m probably going to upset a lot of Christians with this but then I’ve often found that when one questions another’s core foundation, it often leaves them unsettled and upset. But to not question is to lie to one’s self and to deny truth. Having been raised under the Christian faith, I have often wondered many things that have left me little choice but to rebuke the Christian faith entirely.

My biggest and most frustrating question is this…. if the Christian God were so good and so loving, WHY would he be so vain and so cruel that he would condemn his own “children” to an eternity in hell and torment for simply choosing to use the very brains they were born with to decipher the world around them… and finding fault in the very teachings they’re told they should accept. If man is so imperfect as the bible states, then is it not plausible that the word itself is flawed for it was man who wrote it. Not only that, it was written by men long, long ago who were guided by a world so completely different and ancient to the one we live in today and deciphered by man into a version that we English speaking people might be able to understand. Surely much is lost in the translation alone! Yet the good faithful Christians read it, decipher the meanings as they feel they best can and continue teaching it.

But tell me… why is this God so vain and why is he so cruel? How can ANYONE see this sort of God as being a loving and compassionate God? What good, loving God would condone the mass killings and murders that have taken place over the years in the Bible? The crusades, the floods, the stonings and more? Can anyone please explain to me where the love in this is? Does being beaten or killed for choosing incorrectly make you feel loved? How about spending the rest of your life burning in a pit of fire? Is that love? Is that compassion? NO! For that reason alone if for no other, I find fault in Christianity and cannot allow myself to believe that any God so cruel could be real. I would choose a pit of fire over an eternity with “God” if that were the case for I could not find peace in spending my days with a God so cruel.

This doesn’t even approach the other questions that I along with so many other “doubters” have had about this religion. I’ve often wondered how humans managed to evolve if they started with just two people, Adam and Eve. And then when the floods came, again, the human race supposedly started all over again, right? I’ll bet there were lots of brothers and sisters getting it on weren’t there. And they had to be married first too, right? Did the bible not also state that incest was wrong? I found a site that lists several specific cases of incest that I thought would be interesting to include here as well:

Through some of my research, I’ve found some pretty interesting articles that make some very good points. I will include those as well. This first one shows through verses in the bible as Jesus himself reportedly said, that the end of times prediction has long since past over two thousand years ago.

I also found a site that lists several very relavent questions that any seeker should ask and a discussion below also filled with lots of insiteful information. That can be found here:

I could go on and on about why I choose not to believe in Christianity or any other faith as the list is ever-increasingly long but then why waste my life pondering what no one will ever really know during this life anyway? If there is a kind, loving God, then it seems fair to assume he would outline what he wants from us in a very clear, concise way that leaves no room for questions or doubt. The Bible certainly falls short of that for it is riddled with questions, contradictions and questionable content.

However you look at it, I think it’s safe to say that the “Holy Bible” is far from appropriate material for our children to be reading. With all the murders, tortures, rapes, incest, sex and more violence, it certainly ranks up there with some pretty morbid R-rated movies!

It’s pretty obvious to me that this little book so many people vow their faith to is far from being a proper guide to today’s society. Furthermore, Christianity is nowhere near as old as some religions. One thing I know for sure is that no matter where you go, religion of some form or another plays a part in the lives of people everywhere. It has been the catalyst for much war and chaos, hatred and power struggles. It is abused and it is twisted and often used for mankind’s own personal gain. Whatever is real and true is likely right before our eyes but somehow, I doubt many humans will see it.

While there are many other and some even older religions than Christianity, my main focus is on this as it is the one I was raised with and the one I see more of from those around me. If any of us were born in another country where faith is of something else or even another time, our beliefs would vary greatly. We generally follow the belief that is widely held around us…. and those who do not question, do not learn.

Everyday, I see people posting their beliefs or posting quotes that support their beliefs, generally in support of Christianity as most of my religious friends are of this faith. Those of us who believe otherwise often remain silent as to not rock the boat…. but we too have a right to speak our mind.

This post isn’t to offend my religious friends but to share my own personal perspective. As I said, I am in the process of learning, therefore, comments are welcomed, but please be respectful as we all have different and varying beliefs… therefore, we can’t all agree. 🙂


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