Soul Searching

I truly believe that there are a multitude of potential soul-mates… people who are deeply entwined with your own life to the point that they are a part of your very existence, even if you’ve never even met that person. There are some people that you can just FEEL the same energy flowing them that you feel within yourself. These are people who are connected to me on a level far deeper than the human flesh and much deeper than romantic interests and blood ties. Within my depth, I can feel a force of energy that keeps me connected to those I am fated to be one with. We seem to resonate toward each other and always manage to find our ways home. Call it delusional, but I feel the ability to emit energy from my body and force it in the world towards its destination simply by wiling it to.

Life exists from Energy and Matter. What happens when a body comprised of both energy and matter learn to control the two elements within? What happens if that person is able to bring the two elements together to create a tool that will provide the means to move beyond our shallow confines and into a deeper understanding and acceptance of the truth we all seek to find, but rarely ever can.

Written June 12, 2007


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