The Test

The TestJust a thought to both believers AND non-believers… don’t you think for a moment that “IF” there was a God… he would only invent “so-called” religions found all over the world as a test to weed out the sheep? Think about it… Everywhere in the world, you will find religion and there are so many different ones and each one is believed as fiercely as the next by its followers. Why are they all so different? Why not just spread the same religion everywhere rather than confuse everyone? What’s the point?

If you have an all-knowing entity that created life. WHY did it create life? Was it lonely? Wouldn’t it want to spend eternity with others that have intellectual abilities, capable of questioning and rationalizing what they are confronted with rather than believing blindly? And WHY would any “good” entity expect its “children” to spend eternity worshiping it? To expect others to worship you, doesn’t that entail a desire for one’s ego to be stroked regularly? Isn’t that what we call vanity? When you find a mate, do you want your mate to spend a lifetime worshiping you? Don’t you want your mate to have a mind to think for his/herself? Why would any all-knowing God want a bunch of followers incapable of examining and questioning what they see because they’re too busy keeping the faith?

More to the point…. what would an “all knowing” God want with a bunch of blind followers that refuse to think for themselves or to question their reality? What purpose would these people serve such an entity of higher power and being? What benefit would a person without the willpower to rationalize and think outside the box be to such a being that knows and has everything already? When looking for a mate in life, do we not seek out those that can equal or near equal us so that we are not left bored and lonely? There are many questions that can be asked along this line of reasoning. “IF” there is a God, I feel certain this entity is looking for a lot more in its followers than simple reasoning.

Perhaps religion is real and maybe it was invented to test us… but perhaps the test actually goes the other way from what believers seem to think and it is a test to weed out those that can think for themselves. As I said… just a thought.


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