Why Celebrate Christmas?

I’ve heard it asked by many Christians in criticism of those that do not believe yet celebrate Christmas, “Why bother celebrating Christmas if you don’t believe in the religion?”. Well, here is my reply and my reasoning.

1) This time of the year is when several prominent religions celebrate a holiday. You also have Hanukkah and Yule Tide for instance. It’s a time of celebration for many people around the world for various reasons. Unfortunately, the Christian holiday is the only one that is recognized as a public holiday in many countries, which in all rationale, is completely unfair to the other religions who are celebrating their own holidays.

2) What’s wrong with celebrating the birth of a man that has inspired millions of people around the world? Never-mind that a religion was built around his birth but why not celebrate his life? Many of his teachings were indeed very good and have stood the test of time. They have led a path of spiritual happiness for many, many people over the years. Aside from the abusive interpretations of the word of Jesus, you have to admire the mind of a man of that time period in history who could inspire such goodness and love in people over such a long period of time. To consider another perspective, we have a holiday for a man that “supposedly” discovered America (Columbus) who in reality stumbled across a land already discovered and inhabited, destroyed the civilization that already existed and yet today, a mere few hundred years later, he still has a day of remembrance… when he really was a monster. Sooo… WHY NOT celebrate the birth of a man whose words of love and compassion stood the test of time? If for no other reason, he deserves his day of celebration. So by all means, Merry Christmas! Let him be the reason for the season. It’s perfectly ok with me. I don’t have to believe in the religion behind his birth, simply appreciate the man for who he was and what his teachings have brought to others.

3) No simpler reason than it is a holiday I was brought up celebrating. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of our family Christmas get-togethers and the magic in the anticipation of gift giving and Santa. It was always a time of the year that felt like pure magic so I would naturally want to share that excitement with my own children and to continue reliving the excitement every year.

There… three perfectly sound reasons for non-believers to celebrate Christmas. So… let this be a time of happiness and joy for all, no matter what the reason and let’s all agree to allow one another the freedom to enjoy their holiday of choice the way they want to without condescending attitudes.